Why it Works

Here are 23 more reasons Enterprise LEADER works:

1. Is 100% business focused.

Unlike many generic/non-business team building / team development programs, Enterprise LEADER was designed from the ground up to work in a business environment. Enterprise LEADER is 100% business focused, and will get your teams 100% focused on your business and customers.

2. Gets your team focused on your goals (both team and business goals)

With the help of Enterprise LEADER, you can get your entire team laser focused on your goals -- both at a team level and company level. You can also help your team members align their personal goals with their work goals.

3. Managers and executives own the team building process.

Enterprise LEADER is led/facilitated in the workplace by your own managers and executives, not by expensive external business coaches or consultants. This means your managers and executives take ownership and responsibility for developing the teams they lead. If you would like a coach/consultant/trainer to work with you and support you, this can be arranged, but where possible, we recommend your own managers and executives lead and facilitate the group sessions.

4. Creates a shared experience between your employees, managers and executives.

Enterprise LEADER is great for team building. Managers get to learn more about their employees, and employees get to know more about their managers. Because team groups meet together many times over the 20 sessions, the share a common experience and strong, lasting and trusting relationships are formed.

5. Creates an environment for free flowing communication.

Group face-to-face sessions are great for communication. Things get talked about that need talking about. Many times, the conversations in face-to-face sessions are at a personal and emotional level, as well as at a business level. The face-to-face sessions give a safe, constructive and open environment to have these types of conversations.

6. Builds confidence in employees.

Group face-to-face sessions build confidence and bring the best out of people. These sessions are where the real behavioural change happens.

7. Involves employees in your business.

Through the 'CEO for a day' suggestions, your employees get to share their ideas up to senior management. In most companies, this level of idea sharing does not exist. Enterprise LEADER gives everybody a voice and a platform to confidently speak up.

8. Changes thinking, behaviour and habits at a deep level.

Enterprise LEADER helps change employees' thinking at a deep, behavioural and habitual level. The case-study of Amroze Technology instils the essential fundamentals of business into every employee, and the workbook personalises the course to the individual, but the real behavioural/habitual change happens in the face-to-face sessions (led and facilitated by your managers and executives). This is where everything comes together, and the 'ah ha' moments happen.

9. Puts your customer at the centre of your business.

Enterprise LEADER focuses every employee in your company on your customers. Whether or not an employee is customer facing, or even comes into contact with customers, all employees soon realise that the customer is king. In the words of Sam Walton, the founder of WallMart, "There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else."

10. Focus your employees on the big picture.

In the face-to-face 'team building' sessions, managers and executives are able to communicate the vision, values, goals and purpose of your business. Your employees get to really understand why the 'big picture' view is so important. They also get to see how they fit into it.

11. Creates a common language.

Enterprise LEADER introduces a common language into your business. It gives you and your employees touch points to refer back to -- for example: being relevant to customers, being passionate, maximising customers LTV, creating referrals, stepping outside your comfort zone, etc.

12. Instils the fundamentals of business into every employee.

Through the case-study of Amroze Technology, Enterprise LEADER helps instil the fundamentals of business into every employee in your company. Having these business basics ingrained into the behaviour of employees is essential to creating a culture of high performance. Many times, employees, managers and executives already know these fundamentals, but need reminding of them, and making sure they are part of their day-to-day work.

13. Gets your employees to reflect on themselves and their own performance.

Through the many workbook exercises, employees get the opportunity for self-reflection. They get to examine their own passions, strengths, fears, and opportunities for growth. They get to see how their own personal life crosses over to their work life, and vice versa.

14. Managers get to see how your employees think and behave.

With the help of Enterprise LEADER, your managers get to see how your employees think and behave. New talent is spotted - people who are in the wrong positions are identified. Getting the right people in the right places is essential to creating a culture of high performance.

15. Embraces all your employees.

One of the key benefits of Enterprise LEADER is that it can be rolled-out to every employee in your company. Creating a culture of high performance is about everybody performing at the highest level. To make sure this happens, everybody needs help in raising their game. Because of its low cost and scalable nature, Enterprise LEADER can easily include every employee.

16. Uses a structured approach.

Enterprise LEADER uses a structured approach with a flexible timeframe. This means employees can learn at a time and place which suits them.

17. Built around a case-study.

Enterprise LEADER is built around the case-study of Amroze Technology, a company which has fallen on hard time, but is starting to turn itself around. Case studies are a proven learning technique used in MBA courses around the world. They help get key learning messages across, as well as giving a framework for discussion, debate and idea stimulation.

18. Uses different learning formats.

Enterprise LEADER uses Audio mentoring + Workbook + Face-to-Face mentoring. This offers different learning formats to meet individual needs. Some people get more from listening, some from watching, some from reading, others from talking. Enterprise LEADER offers all these formats -- and more.

19. Catalyst and vehicle for change.

Enterprise LEADER provides a catalyst and vehicle for change. Many companies know they need to change, but don't always know how to go about it. Enterprise LEADER provides a proven, step-by-step roadmap and a set of tools guaranteed to deliver results.

20. Scalable from 5 to 500+ employees.

Enterprise LEADER is designed from the ground up to be scalable from small teams of five people, to larger companies with many thousands (or tens of thousands) of employees. Because Enterprise LEADER uses MP3 and PDF file formats, it is easily distributed and accessed using readily available technology (i.e. MP3 players, mobile phones, PCs).

21. Fun, engaging and different.

Using the case-study of Amroze Technology makes the whole mentoring experience memorable. The Amroze executives Lucy Robinson, Stephen Fox, Charlie Gardham, Michael Redford and Tom McMillan will soon become familiar friends to your employees.

22. Turnkey simple.

Enterprise LEADER can be used straight out of the box (or immediately after downloading). Companies follow a simple 3 step approach which is proven time and time again to deliver the greatest results.

23. Low Cost.

The low cost approach of Enterprise LEADER means that it is affordable for any company of any size. Companies can initially start small by working with teams of 5 to 50 employees, or can plan a complete enterprise-wide roll out.


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