Give Your People and Teams The



Practical Strategies To Get The Entrepreneurial Edge in Your Company, Department or Team

In these fast moving times, companies who succeed the most are those with the entrepreneurial edge.

It's the entrepreneurial edge which allows you to stay relevant to your customers and stand out ahead of your competitors.

But it isn't your company alone who has the entrepreneurial edge...'s the people and teams inside your company who create that edge. It's the way they think, act and make decisions. It's the way they serve your customers. It's the way your people fight each day to stay ahead, doing what is best for your customers.

This is what gives you the entrepreneurial edge .

But this doesn't happen by accident. You have to work hard at it. You have to develop your people and teams... you have to show them a way forward... you have to show them what is expected of them.

In this website, you'll find 21x1 Minute FREE lessons which show you what the entrepreneurial edge looks like. Please use these videos in your organisation and with your people and teams.

These 21 video lessons are free and come with our compliments.

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Introduction: The Business of Belief

THEY BELIEVE / The Customer

1. Customer Relevance

2. Word of Mouth Marketing

3. Life Time Value

4. Everbody is a Salesperson

5. Fundamentals of Business


6. Teams


8. Communication

9. Getting The Most From Your Team

10. Motivation

I BELIEVE / The Leader

11. Habits

12. I Believe in Myself ( I BELIEVE)

13. Be Passionate and Want it (I BELIEVE)

14. Extend Your Comfort Zone (I BELIEVE:

15. Lies and Luck Don't Work (I BELIEVE)

16. Install Goals (I BELIEVE)

17. Enjoy Hard Work (I BELIEVE)

18. Very Very Persistant (I BELIEVE)

19. Expect Failure (I BELIEVE)

20. Inverting the Pyramid