Here's What You Receive...

1. Enterprise LEADER MP3 Sessions (x 20)

The 20 mp3 sessions are the core of Enterprise LEADER. It is in these sessions where you will find most of your new learning, ideas and inspiration. Each audio session lasts around 15 minutes and is designed to be listened to one session per day on your smart phone, MP3 player or computer. You can choose pace which works best for you -- whether that is over 20 days or even 20 weeks. The program is highly flexible and works around you and your schedule.

Listen to a 15 minute MP3 introduction to Enterprise LEADER

Read the Workbook (Introduction)

Sessions 1 to 5: Focus on CUSTOMERS - (THEY BELIEVE)

Sessions 6 to 10: Focus on TEAMS - (WE BELIEVE)

Sessions 11 to 20: Focus on PERSONAL LEADERSHIP - (I BELIEVE)

2. 218 Page Printable Workbook.

The 218 page workbook is an essential part of Enterprise LEADER. In addition to providing summaries for each of the 20 sessions, the workbook is packed full of practical hands-on, thought provoking exercises which help train your mind to think differently as a business leader.

3. Business Upgrade Audio Book

Business Upgrade is the accompanying spokenword audiobook to Enterprise LEADER. In this book in this book you'll be introduced to many of the core ideas explored further in leadership development program. The book is written as a business novel and tells the story of Amroze Technology, a company which has recently fallen on hard times, but with the help of the principles of taught in Enterprise LEADER has turned itself around to become a market leading company once again. Business Upgrade is an optional read, and can be read (listened to) at any time during your Enterprise LEADER experience.

4. MP3 Summary Sessions (x20)

To help keep the ideas and inspiration from Enterprise LEADER fresh in your mind you'll receive 20 MP3 summary sessions. Each MP3 summary session is about 3 minutes long and recaps the learning from the entire program. The summary sessions are set to music and are a informative, engaging and easy to listen to. This innovative format allows you to re-listen to the summary sessions many times over and recap the entire program in less than 1 hour.

5. Foundation Series Plus+

Enterprise LEADER was developed after interviewing scores of highly successful entrepreneurs, CEOs and business leaders. Those interviewed included the founders and CEOs of YO! Sushi, The White Company, Bannatyne Fitness, Cobra Beer, IG Index, Charles Tyrwhitt Shirts, Moshi Monsters, Carpetright, Pizza Express and many more. In the Foundation Series Plus+, you will hear first hand from these business leaders as they speak about the following EIGHT subjects: 1.Confidence and Self Belief 2.Fears, doubts and Limiting Beliefs 3.Goals 4.Advance Payments 5.Persistence 6.Failure 7.Risk 8. People and Teams. Each 30 minute session will reinforce your learning from the main Enterprise LEADER programme and add another dimension to your learning experience.

6. 100% Money Back Guarantee

You can order Enterprise LEADER today totally risk free with our 100% Money Back guarantee. We want you thrilled and delighted with the results you achieve when you experience Enterprise LEADER. If at any time during first 60 days of using the program you are not completely satisfied with the changes you have personally made as a business leader we will offer you a full 100 percent refund -- even if you have completed the entire course! It is very unlikely you'll want to do this though as the changes you make from being a manager (or individual contributor) to a true business leader will be outstanding and transformational. We believe you'll become a fan of Enterprise LEADER and will want to recommend it to your friends and business colleagues.

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