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Richard Parkes Cordock is the founder of Enterprise Leaders Worldwide and the creator of Enterprise LEADER.

Using the principles of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), the science of success, Richard met face-to-face with over 50 UK award-winning business leaders to decode their leadership and business building styles.

Through these digitally recorded interviews, Richard initially created the highly acclaimed mentoring programme - Millionaire MBA which is used by tens of thousands of entrepreneurs around the world.

He later used the same teaching principles to develop Enterprise LEADER, a 'business focused' team development program which managers and executives use internally to build and develop their own teams.

Richard is the author of five business books. His first two books, Business Upgrade, and Millionaire Upgrade were published by Capstone Wiley and were former WH Smith Business Books of the Month.

He has subsequently written Profit Upgrade, People Upgrade and All Employees are Marketers.

He is an MBA and FCCA and lives in Bath (UK) with his wife and two children.

Here's what other business leaders are saying about Richard's books and programs:

"The principles of success apply equally whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, chief executive of a large plc or simply looking for inspiration for your own personal life. Here's where you start, by reading this book." Allan Leighton - Former Chairman Royal Mail

"Every employee has the ability to inspire change and innovation in their organisation" The Independent
"It took me a long time to learn this stuff. I wish I'd been on that plane 30 years ago !" Simon Woodroffe OBE - YO! Sushi and Dragons Den

"If you want a toolkit to help you become a successful entrepreneur - read this book. Then put it into practice." Duncan Bannatyne OBE - Bannatyne Leisure and Dragons Den

"Everything in business is a learning experience. I should know! I'd recommend all would-be entrepreneurs to read this book and be inspired to boldly set out on your own entrepreneurial journey. You won't regret it." Rachel Elnaugh - Founder of Red Letter Days and Panelist on Dragons' Den

"Entertaining, Inspiring, Insightful. I highly recommend it" Michelle Mone - MJM International

"Originally, Richard decoded entrepreneurs and unpicked their mindset. With Millionaire Upgrade, he has put it all back together again through IBELIEVE and a compelling story. Very clever and a must read for any budding entrepreneur!" Rene Carayol MBE - Leadership Guru

"In a world where entrepreneurs have taken on the cachet of celebrity and are as often to be found portrayed in movies and in the gossip columns as they are seen with dirt under the finger nails, it is refreshing to find a book that describes the key difference between the entrepreneur and the rest - attitude. So often in life a cigarette paper's thickness separates success from failure and Richard has written a book that perfectly captures this and suggests a way of thinking that can transform the tin of dog food into a thoroughbred racehorse. Read it, enjoy it, steal mercilessly from it, add your own ingredient X and bring to the boil. I wish you success." Tim Smit CBE - Eden Project

"...captures the essence of what it takes to be successful in anything you choose to do. The rules of success are timeless and simply explained so you can apply them in your own business or personal life." BJ Cunningham - Founder of Death Cigarettes

"...you will realise it is actually a book about leadership, leadership of self. I encourage all Naked Leaders to read this book". David Taylor - Author Naked Leader

"The difference between success and failure in business is essentially down to entrepreneurial leadership. There is a mindset and persistence that sets successful entrepreneurs apart and it is clearly communicated in this book. Essential reading." Martin Allison - Business Banking, RBS

"Just reading the introduction I knew it was going to be good. Read, re-read and re-read again. It is all in here." Mike Southon - Co-author The Beermat Entrepreneur, The Boardroom Entrepreneur and Sales on a Beermat

"If you want success, then miss this at your peril. What Richard has done here, is make extremely accessible some very smart thinking and behaviours of highly successful people, which can be learned. This stuff works." Michael Brook, Managing Director, Professional Excellence Training and Development

"Pioneers are always looking for succinct advice from experts. After submersing himself in the world of the entrepreneur, Richard gives us the answers in an intriguing role play between two characters, with a genuine methodology that you can apply to your own business. You can read it on a plane journey, but the benefits will stay with you a long time after you've landed." Jim Woods, Entrepreneur

"The wisdom of real entrepreneurship in one volume. Get this book to upgrade your ambitions or stay true to the course you have set. Enjoy and be inspired." Tom Butler-Bowdon - Author of "50 Success Classics: Winning Wisdom for Work and Life From 50 Landmark Books

"I think you've captured the passion, the sheer verve and energy of some of the best entrepreneurs in Britain. I wish it had been available when I started" Lord Harris - Founder CarpetRight

"It's not often that something on the business shelves succeeds in winning hearts and minds. This one does, and more! It really is the kind of thing that can make a difference" Lord Bilimoria - Founder Cobra Beer

Enterprise LEADER is published by Enterprise Leaders Worldwide. We are based in the historic city of Bath in the UK and work with companies around the world.

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